Trademark Disclaimer

Trademark Disclaimer

Dometic, Cruisair, and Marine Air Systems are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of air conditioning units. They exist separately from and are unrelated in ownership or management to Micro-Air.

Micro-Air, Inc. is an independent company. It is not owned by or related to any OEM.  None of the OEMs endorse (i) this website, (ii) the Micro-Air products sold or (iii) the Micro-Air replacement product which may be compatible with the OEMs’ products.

Micro-Air is not a seller of refurbished parts. The parts advertised on this website are newly manufactured and are accompanied by their own warranties issued by Micro-Air and set forth on its website.  Many of the parts sold on this site are parts not manufactured for Dometic, Cruisair, or Marine Air Systems.

For various reasons Dometic, Cruisair, and Marine Air Systems made obsolete and no longer order the manufacture of certain component parts originally made for them by Micro-Air.  Micro-Air makes such products available to consumers as it manufactures many similar replacement parts compatible with the OEMs’ obsoleted products.

Although Micro-Air may have been the supplier to OEMs of many of the starter and/or controller products, Micro-Air is not a seller of “genuine Dometic parts” or “genuine Cruisair parts” or “genuine Marine Air Systems parts”.

Micro-Air is not considered an “Authorized Dealer” for, nor is it endorsed or sponsored by any of the OEMs. Micro-Air sells parts compatible with Dometic, Cruisair, and Marine Air Systems air conditioners.

The sole reason for the use of the Dometic, Cruisair, and Marine Air Systems, names and product names and product numbers in this Company's web advertising is to demonstrate the compatibility of parts sold to replace the product components of those OEMs.

The part numbers and product names of Dometic, Cruisair, and Marine Air Systems are trademarks of those companies registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or otherwise entitled to claims by those companies for common law trademark protection.

The photographic or other images of Micro-Air products may appear different from the products which they are replacing.